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Wow. Another Chocojournal.

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Mar 19, 2006 - 12:21 PM
There be free porn.
After you pay for it.

God, I feel like crap right now... My allergies are killing me, my throat hurts, and my annoying friend is trying to drag me to the mall.


Either way, let's go on a video game rant.

Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green. Which one is better?

I've been on the fence about both of them and I want Fire Red, but that means waiting a week just to get it at another mall in my area. If I want Leaf Green, I could jump right over to the mall near me and get one...


Anyway, there's not much to say right now other than I feel like crap.

I'll end off with my obligatory ending.


Currently Playing: Jocelyn Enriquez - A Little Bit of Ecstasy

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